Clinic appointment                                                        £28

Dressing appointment                                                  £15

Home visit for chiropody/podiatry treatment         £35

Discounts for home visits apply if we are treating more than one person at the same location.

Biomechanical assessment (45 mins)           £50

Biomechanical review (20 mins)                   £25

Chairside orthoses (insoles)                           £25

Functional orthoses                                         From £60

Custom made casted orthoses                       £225  (includes fitting appointment)


Sports massage (60 mins)                              £38


Nail Surgery                                                  £call

Cortisone injections                                    £call

Dry needling treatment for verruca         £call

Local anaesthetic treatment                      £call


Please contact on 0191 2524441 to discuss.