Practice Charter

Practice Charter


At Bay Podiatry our philosophy is, “the provision of high quality, professional footcare to all of our patients, delivered in a safe and comfortable environment”.


Our aims and objectives are:

 Ø            to exceed the expectations of the people who use our services; showing them respect and courtesy at all times

Ø            to involve patients, and where appropriate and/or necessary parents and carers, in the development of a management plan and any subsequent treatment

Ø            to fully inform you on the cost of any proposed treatment(s)

Ø            to ensure a happy, enthusiastic, effective and well-trained staff team

Ø            to strive for excellence in clinical care and to keep up-to-date with our professional knowledge and skills

Ø            to ensure that the clinic and our methods of work are up to date and fit for the delivery of high quality services

Ø            to give you access to your health records, subject to any limitations by law

Ø            to maintain strict confidentiality over your details and to not divulge information, even to a family member, without your prior consent.


 We also kindly ask for your co-operation as a patient to enable us to deliver the best care possible.


Your responsibilities as a patient

 Ø            to respect the practitioner giving you care and attention

Ø            to keep your appointments and cancel them when you are not able to attend

Ø            to be punctual for your appointments

Ø            to take an active role in your treatment by following the advice given and carrying it out to the best of your ability

Ø            to make the practitioner aware of all medical conditions you have and medication you use (to ensure that you receive the best treatment and advice possible)

Ø            to inform us of any change to your address or contact details.